O the Details

Wear what you're really thinking!

RIUMORE is style of pattern or geometric design characterized the repetition of sexual images or erotic motifs that interact to create the overall decoration.

RIUMORE patterns can be found on textiles, wallpaper, art, and clothing. The designs can be colorful or monochromatic but are specifically characterized by simple or intricate patterns.  Like houndstooth, paisley or other textile designs; RIUMORE is unique in its identifiable patterns. RIUMORE goes one step further than most designs today, in that the details can elicit feelings, thoughts, and ideas to stimulate the recipient from the patterns.  Subliminal designs, words, and suggestions are buried in plain sight, making RIUMORE wearers able to present their clothing or product all the more interesting.

How fun to wear a RUIMORE tie that captures the essence of the wearer without much public wherewithal!  Ties made of graphic sexual patterns that show bright colors and patterns that fly right under the noses of corporate America.  Beautiful yoga patterns fashioned to reflect the serenity and energy of the wearer or cannabis patterns that show a love of herb in a pattern guaranteed not to make the unbelievers cringe at the sight.  RIUMORE has the capacity to bring young Americans together in their quest for unique, this is me clothing; without sacrificing reputation or individualism. Exotic, animal, yoga, holiday and more are designs that will have you leaning in to say, ‘Oh what detail!’.   

Young professionals will relish the opportunity to, ‘wear what they’re really thinking’; while completing meaningful or mundane tasks at work. Remember being told, ‘don’t wear that T-shirt and message to work?’...now you can through the intricate designs and details of RIUMORE.

Licensing agreements available for surface pattern designs